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Reading Partners

General Information about Reading Partners
Together with our school partnersReading Partners focuses on supporting scholars who are several months to two and a half years behind grade level in reading. We harness the power of community volunteers and diverse texts to provide individualized literacy instruction with measurable results to help scholars master the reading fundamentals they need to reach grade level. Working one-on-one with their tutors, students become proud, confident readers, excited about learning and ready for success. Reading Partners has partnered with Maxfield since 2015.
Regarding Reading Partners Connects
Reading Partners Connects allows Reading Partners to continue to serve scholars one-on-one in a safe online environment using Reading Partners’ evidence-based curriculum. Content integrates our trusted curriculum and lessons into innovative presentations to optimize student engagement and incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities through relationship-building with tutors. Please speak with your scholar's teacher to ask about enrollment or more information!