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Our school’s 124 years of tradition, along with state-of-the-art technology, helps Maxfield inspire our eager urban learners. We teach students to know the standards they are expected to reach for graduation, and then we help them to exceed those standards. Our school emphasizes science, technology, engineering and math, and students learn actively through questioning and inquiry. Maxfield has specialists in science, physical education, arts through applied math and literacy, media, and culture. Through our Center for Culture, Families, and Learning, we provide ongoing support for our parents/guardians, students and staff. Everyone is involved here: parents visit their child's classroom, participate in the many family events held throughout the year, join adult volunteers who help students during the school day, and work alongside community-based partners.

Located in the Summit-University area, Maxfield Elementary School provides a unique educational experience that combines best practices in academics with a focus on the urban learner.  We've been in the Rondo neighborhood for over a hundred years, taking our children through many challenges as the City of St. Paul, and even our country, changed. That's why former students now teach at Maxfield or send their children and grandchildren to learn in the same community they did.  Through great teaching, student leadership opportunities, technology, science, and the arts, Maxfield Elementary School provides students in grades Pre-K through five with a well rounded educational program.

Current Status based on MN State Assessments:
Maxfield Elementary's recent rating by the Minnesota Department of Education placed it as a "priority school."   Maxfield's current rating as a "priority school" was based on student performance data prior to the 2013-14 school year.

This rating will be reviewed this September and will be based on the state test data from May, 2014.  Over the past two years Maxfield has demonstrated increased student achievement, increased parent involvement, and stability in staffing. Due to implementation of the Saint Paul Public Schools Strong Schools, Strong Communities strategic plan, Maxfield Elementary experienced a 67% change in students for the 2013-14 school year.  The upcoming September rating will reflect the performance of the student's currently attending Maxfield.


 Multiple Measurement Ratings - Documents Below

Maxfield's Promise Neighborhood Garden
document Multiple Measurement Ratings - English   --  Multiple Measurement Ratings - English
document Multiple Measurement Ratings - Hmong   --  Multiple Measurement Ratings - Hmong
document Multiple Measurement Ratings - Spanish   --  Multiple Measurement Ratings - Spanish

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